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From the great city of Angkor to the waters of Lake Turkana, UNESCO World Heritage sites represent some of the most spectacular places on earth. Now, meet the unseen heroes that protect these great wonders of the world. Our cameras go behind the scenes - with local conservationists and researchers from around the globe - to reveal the epic lengths they must take to preserve these delicate sites. Using new technology and plenty of elbow grease, these passionate men and women must race to ensure these sites stand the test of time, tourists, and the elements… to preserve our precious world heritage for future generations.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are testaments to the ingenuity of human civilization and the beauty of our natural world. These diverse sites range across the globe, presenting the astounding highlights of our environment and our culture. But with this great honor comes great risks… tourism, climate change, and the sands of time threaten to erase the features of these sacred places. Every UNESCO site faces its own unique set of challenges and perils. Unchecked, these threats could destroy our most valued heritage. To maintain this coveted status, conservationists must work endlessly to preserve the greatness of each site.

Each of our hour-long episodes will highlight what makes a particular UNESCO site so very special, and follow the men and women that must balance the pressures of preservation with the responsibility of making these places accessible to the world. We give our viewers a window into the mission of these caretakers, to understand and explore the unique challenges they face… from restoring the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, to preserving the delicate balance of pristine wildlife in the Everglades, to maintaining the unique structure of the Sagrada Familia. Our cameras will capture the day-to-day operations, the special conservation projects and the dedicated lifestyle of these eco warriors. Through site managers, scientists, guides, gardeners and devoted experts, our viewers will have an all access pass to the most amazing places on earth… and gain a whole new appreciation for what it takes to preserve these site for generations to come.


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