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Sexting is a fast growing trend among all age groups. However when it comes to teens, the consequences can be catastrophic.

You know I always just ask of you guys that you take the time to really think through your major choices and make sure they are informed decisions! I'm not here to tell you what the right or wrong thing to do is.... just think about it.

We are also witnessing with professionals, such as Representative Anthony Weiner and other politicians (one of which only 'sexted' a photo of his bare chest), how sexting can destroy careers and lives.

Here is the Link to the Sex Study:

This video was shot in Las Vegas for the awesome film Time Warrior! Follow my on facebook, twitter and here to learn more about when it will be out. This is the video that will be shown in the movie.

(Links to come very soon)

A HUGE thank you to the director (Joaquin Rodriguez) and Jaguar Films for letting me be a part of this amazing project!

For legit sex questions, please ask them at