Winter (2012)

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During the resistance against the current at the Tam Giang province northeast, Chinese underground organization were vandalized. Deng Dayo members of underground organizations of the potential risks for the military base managed to hide from their superiors condition Dejiang Zhejiang Glass. At the same time after the escape Dejiang also hunt counterintelligence guys. She Soviet intelligence Tat Li Oa Greece reached agreement with Deng into Dayo. Dayo Deng skillfully sheltered Greek organizations are Slapping Li Oa, obtain favorable news from her. Organizational superiors assigned to spy on a mission Tam Giang entitled "Planning hound", in collaboration with the Soviet Union with the goal to win the military draft crux of Japanese troops in East Ninh. Deng Dayo sacrificed himself lured the attention of the enemy, the task is important to win the military draft for Soviet intelligence girl Slapping Greek Li Oa. 09/08/1945 nets, Red Army attacked the Japanese launch of the Chinese border. Line "Eastern Nac Code" East Ninh crux of the Japanese Red Army was defeated and achieve further successes.