The Three Heroes And Five Gallants - 五鼠闹东京 (2016)

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The Three Heroes and Five Gallants is an adaptation of the classic Chinese novel title “San Xia Wu Yi” (三侠五义) ‘The Three Heroes and Five Gallant’ also known as ‘The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants’ written by Shi Yukun from 19th-century Qing dynasty. Set in imperial China’s Song dynasty, the story detailed the rise of Bao Zheng (Guanhua Liang) from humble beginnings to high office at the imperial court and how his guards who each possess great martial arts skills help him fight crimes and corruption.
Native title: 五鼠闹东京
Also Known as: Wǔ shǔ nào dōngjīng; The Five Gallants;

The Three Heroes And Five Gallants - 五鼠闹东京 (2016) Episodes List