Child Bride Season 5 - 2008

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Love is innocent just hate

Between us left now nothing but hurt, tears and broken ...?
The emergence of Jagdish Shivani made uncomfortable, he blames Shivani nose embedded in their married life. Shivani Jagdish angry and teaching a mate too badly. Besides knowing Shivani is dotted Anandi caused more hate Anandi Jagdish more.

... Life is not sufficient cause to seek borrowers Gauri to get more money, because she does not want to receive any assistance from Bade what Papa. However, such decisions are not Jagdish agree and he was very sad to know Gauri was hiding such important a while Gauri is angry but she tried to restrain anger because of Sumitra remembered challenge for himself.

The upset and inconvenience in married life not fully made trouble Jagdish think everything comes from Anandi. That makes you want to quickly end the relationship with Anandi ...

Finally the divorce between Anandi and Jagdish also occur. However, Gauri said Jagdish should claim division of property, and he agreed. This left furious Anandi and her heart broken ... the endurance and sacrifice for love itself started life as Anandi now deeply hurt and she had torn up the application assets. Seeing the reaction of Anandi, Jagdish threatened to not divorce and he even changed rude to her more. But things now that Jadish do, the words that he said makes Anandi stronger when she would take the matter asserted in court to defend their rights.

The contradictions between Jagdish and Anandi Anandi will go and whether she wants to start a new happy with Shivani?

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